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As a complement to following us on Twitter, and for those who cannot or do not want to receive all the text messages on their cell phones, we have a FREE Daily Recap Email. Two or three times every day we will email all of our Tweets and Blog message posts from the previous 24 hours.

Here is our Email schedule.

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Please Note:
Our Email Schedule is subject to change at any time. From time to time, a email might be sent early, late or even cancelled without notice. It is not uncommon for a email Newsletter to be sent up to an hour late while we gather additional post(s) to include.

Dinar Recaps will not sell your email or information to anyone.

Dinar Recaps has two emails lists we email each Newsletter Recap. Our main list, gets the full email, and our secondary list gets the link to read the email online. Both lists get the same information, just delivered in different ways.

Main Email list sign up (three ways to add your email)

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You can also join our main list by using your mobile device, text DINAR to 22828 to get started. You will get a text back to you, reply back with your email address.


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Very important, to join either list, you need to check your email for the OPT IN Confirmation Email,

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